History of Arrow Wrecker Service, Inc.

Girl On Pink Truck —  Towing Company in Wichita, KS
ARROW WRECKER SERVICE, INC. began on July 1, 1977 by Eugene (Gene) Richardson. Gene, an insistent and diligent man desired to focus more on community service than profit. His commitment to helping those in need still continues this day at Arrow. Gene also had an affinity for equipment. This desire of his ensured Arrow always had the best and latest provisions for the company. In 1982 Gene married his wife Diane. Diane provided additional elevations of community service. Hundreds of community outreach, special events, and civil programs have benefited from Arrow's unreserved attitude to promote a better community.

For over 40 years, through selfless contributions, dedication, and unsurpassed towing services justifies the testimonial that Arrow Wrecker Service, Inc. IS the oldest and best continuously operating towing service in Wichita, KS.

Through the years Arrow has conformed with technology, updating equipment and our environment. But, we have never forsaken the privilege of serving people for as long as we have. Arrow still has Truck #1. This truck resembles the famous “Tow Mater” cartoon character and we proudly display it on our front lawn. You are welcomed to stop by sometime and bring the kids, grandkids, or yourself and take photographs.

Undoubtedly, by now one can easily see the pride Arrow Wrecker Service, Inc. displays. We will always remember how we became successful. That success is only generated by the people we serve. Our dedication to serve is our utmost priority.

In the early 21st century Gene became ill with Early Onset Alzheimer's disease. Diane had to take responsibility of leading the company. She had the foresight to incorporate two of her and Gene's children to help run the company. Even today these family members have the professional aptitude to separate family and business. Unfortunately, in 2013 Arrow lost its founder and president, Gene. To this day he is genuinely missed not only at Arrow but throughout this community and by others around the nation. Anyone who knew him will attest that he was a fair and conscientious servant. Upon losing Gene his wife, Diane, took full responsibility for continuing Arrow's remarkable service. It was a struggle for her to display her competence running this company, but she has proven her ability to make Arrow more successful than ever.